About Us

Risk & Security Management Pty Ltd was established in 2016 to bring together Australia’s leading  Mercantile and Investigation firms.

We provide risk management services to banking and financial institutions, government departments, global corporations, law firms and insurance companies.

Risk & Security Management

Our Mercantile, Floor Plan Auditing & Investigation business provide the following services:

  • Repossessions
  • Process Serving
  • Floor Plan Audits
  • Field Calls
  • Skip Locations
  • Background Screening
  • Investigations
  • Enforcement Hearing Attendances
  • Property Lockouts
  • Court Filing
  • Settlements

We act on behalf of major financial institutions, insurance companies, law firms, debt collection companies as well as federal government agencies, state government departments, local government associations and authorities.

Our Mercantile, Floor Plan Auditing & Investigation offering, the largest in Australia, is a result of the strategic merger of Advance National Services, Express Mercantile, IDS Group and Yates Professional Investigations – four of the industries most well known, experienced and respected companies.

Trademark Investigation Services

Trademark Investigation Services (TMIS) was established in 1991 and provide specialist Investigative services for trade mark professionals and protection for brand owners in respect of counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement.

Trademark Investigation Services (NZ) Limited was established in 2011 and is based in Auckland and works in conjunction with TMIS providing services throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Our core ideology ensures that we will continue to be the leaders in compliance. Risk & Security Management has a dedicated compliance department and advanced management systems ensuring our continual adherence to regulatory requirements.


Risk & Security Management is leading the way in elevating the status of the professionalism of the Mercantile & Investigation industry. Protecting our clients’ brands and reputations is paramount to our success and to the sustainability of our business.

Service Delivery

Risk & Security Management only recruite staff and field agents who display intelligence, tenacity, and thoroughness. For our clients, these qualities translate to us delivering the desired outcome on time, efficiently and effectively.


We have developed  cutting edge systems to ensure the professional management of your files. Our systems are fully customisable to our client’s workflow, reporting and project requirements. Our high tech systems are completely unique and developed in house by our IT Department.

Our Impressive Network of Field Agents, Investigators and Auditors

Risk & Security Management has the largest network of in-house and contractor field representatives in Australia.

Importantly, as Risk & Security Management is a large, well resourced company, we are able to seamlessly increase the size and scale of our network in response to business peaks, client demands, and the growth of our business.

Meet Our Team

Stuart McAuliffe

Stuart has over 25 years’ experience investing in global equity, bond, currency and commodity markets, capital venture and strategic management. Stuart has lectured nationally and internationally in the fields of economic forecasting, valuation modelling and risk management.

Nick Wright
Director & General Manager

Nick has over 25 years’ experience in all facets of investigation and mercantile services. Nick is a Director and the General Manager. Nick has held numerous executive positions in industry associations.

Campbell Johnston
Director & Head of Audits

Campbell has managed our Audits & Asset Inspections department since 2007, overseeing an exceptional growth period for the department. He is vastly experienced in the sector which gives him an in-depth understanding of risk mitigation through repeatable process-driven outcomes.

Wayne Atkins

Wayne has been involved in the mercantile industry for over two decades. Through a number of strategic initiatives, Wayne has played a key role in transforming our mercantile arm into a mature, structured organisation that is supported by the best practice systems, procedures, quality control and compliance mechanisms.

Jody Wright
Advisor & Corporate Governance

Jody was admitted to practice as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in January 2001 and is a member of the Queensland Law Society. Jody has an extensive background in corporate governance, compliance, risk management, board advisory and commercial litigation. Jody is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.